OpenDNS For A Week

In case you haven’t heard, OpenDNS (wikipedia) is a free DNS service designed to improve your surfing experience, or as their PR blur puts it: …is a safer, faster, smarter and more reliable way to navigate the Internet. I decided to try it out for a week, replacing my ISP’s default DNS servers. All-in-all I… Continue reading OpenDNS For A Week

WhyFireFoxIsBlocked is wrong! Adblock Plus is 100% Detectable! does not know what they’re talking about. Ad Block Plus is 100% lame and 100% detectable. The following code detects ad block plus: index.html: <script language=”javascript”> var disabled = false; </script> <script src=”something.js?thisistotrickyou=… dat/njf/41/”></script> <script language=”javascript”> if(!disabled){ // DO SOMETHING HERE, like a redirect alert(“You Are Using Ad Block Plus or some other blocking… Continue reading WhyFireFoxIsBlocked is wrong! Adblock Plus is 100% Detectable! Novel Design

I stumbled across this morning via a post on freshome. Notcot describes itself as “…a place to collect and share fascinating images/links.” In theory it’s a digg for images, in practice most of the images are of unique product or website designs. The result is a site that’s much more interesting than what an… Continue reading Novel Design