Cuil Sucks

Ok. Cool…er Cuil. You’re not going to be a legitimate search engine until you strip raw HTML from your search results.

This Might Explain Why Twitter Is Down So Often

Reblogging: Joyent published an article a month or so ago about how they scaled a facebook application to support millions of hits. The application, BumperSticker, simply serves out customized images to users – online bumper stickers. It’s not hard, not complex and processes around 20 to 27 million page views a day. That’s a good… Continue reading This Might Explain Why Twitter Is Down So Often

CushyCMS or FTP Client?

CushyCMS is a new hosted Content Management System from Stateless Systems – the people who brought you, and other similar services. It’s a dead simple CMS that requires no software install and no real programming knowledge. Found out about it via this Techcrunch post. I don’t like to make judgements about things I… Continue reading CushyCMS or FTP Client?

Facebook Fix Your News Feed, Seriously

Seriously, 3 out of 5 of the items at the top of my facebook feed right now are from someone on my “Less About These Friends” list. Why can’t you just give me a list of updates in chronological order?! #End Mini-Rant