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iPlayPhone: My First iPhone App


I’ve just released my first iPhone app – iPlayPhone – it’s a toy phone for toddlers. I built it for my 1yr old son who’s always running off with my phone. It’s simplictic but super fun. All the buttons play goofy sounds. The onShake sound totally baffles my son, he’s like “woah, i shake it and is makes sounds…weird.”

Here’s the iTunes link:

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It’s working

My 5 Reasons Tim Hortons Sucks article is showing up as #2 on Google (on average), for the keywords “tim hortons sucks.”

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New Server, New Theme

Finally got around to moving my blog to my own server.

Decided it’d be a good time to switch my blog theme. I’m using the stupidopress theme and the twitter for wordpress plugin. The glossy twitter icon is from aoddesign.

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New Domain!

I am now the proud owner of, possibly my best domain name purchase to date.

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I’m Back!!

In the words of the Chemical Brothers, I’m back with another one of those blog block rockin’ beats.

I could have sworn that I had a backup of the database from the previous incarnation of the blog, but unfortunately it has been lost various server/HD moves since I last cared about this site. I think I’m going to re-write a couple of the posts, especially the security one that got dugg.

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