Coffee Shop Laptop Friendliness Guide

Daily Grind – Coffee Shop Laptop Friendliness Rating

Address: 3393 Portage Ave
Hours: M-F – 7:30a – 10p, S – 8a – 10p, S – 9a – 6p

The Daily Grind is the west-most coffee shop in the city, located in a strip mall between a Subway and a Liquor Mart. It’s also the closest coffee shop to home for me, so this is where I’ve been spending most of my time. I thought it would make a fitting first review.

Remember the 90s, when coffee shops were springing up on every street corner of the suburbs, every one trying to be more like The Central Perk than the last? With names like Java Junction, Java Jungle, Java the Hut, hire-my-friends-and-never-pay-them. Well, the Daily Grind is the last of that dying breed (TIL even the original is closed).  They offer the craziest selection of food and drink: specially coffees, milkshakes, full lunches (which smell really good!), pastries, gellato and a couple dozen other things I have probably missed.

The Daily Grind is a large space, a little bigger than most Starbucks. During a week day, you’ll typically find this place fairly empty and quiet, there have been afternoons when I’ve been the only customer in the restaurant. It seems to be mostly occupied by senior citizens and the occasional college kid working on a paper. I’ve only seen one or two “professionals.” The chairs are well padded and there are a number of tables of varying sizes.

There are a fair number of outlets along the wall attached to the Subway (none on the other side as far as I can tell). WiFi is password protected, reasonably fast and fairly reliable – I’ve had it drop out a few times. The store is usually manned by someone who seems to be the owner and one or two support staff. I take it the restaurant doesn’t see a lot of rush traffic, as every time more than 2 or 3 customers arrive, the service grinds to a halt.

OK. Let’s get down to the first rating.

  • Busyness: Great! No one’s every there, really, these guys could use your business.
  • Seating: Great! The most comfortable chairs I’ve seen at a coffee shop so far.
  • Noise/Ambiance: Great! (see above)
  • Staff Friendliness: Fine.
  • Power: Great!
  • WiFi: Fine.

Overall Rating: Great!

If you live around this part of town, give it a shot.

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