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As mentioned a few posts ago, Apple’s iTunes sales reporting tools are a joke.

In walks This site provides exactly the type of data I would expect Apple to provide. It automagically grabs your iTunes sales reports every day, then uses the data to generate Google analytics style charts and graphs.  Before using this site I only had a vague idea of how many apps I’d sold.

If you’re an iPhone developer I highly recommend you drop everything and start using this app.

(Thanks to Josh for the comment recommendation)

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User AppLoca to localize your mobile app to Chinese for free

We’re the only translation company offering free trial translation services for mobile apps.

A short description
AppLoca translates your app to other languages and give it 30 days to use the translated works for free. The sales data from this free trial period lets you make easier decisions about going international. If you’re not satisfied with the performance of the localized version, you can just cancel it and end up paying nothing ( free trial is for the first 1000 words of an app) and all you have to do it to remove the localized version; if you’re satisfied, fine, you can purchase it at a competitive one-time fee and keep using it.

The points:
30-day free trial localization for every app
We translate your app and you publish & sell the localized version for free for 30 days to decide whether to purchase the translated works.

Best-in-class translation quality for your app
The only thing that convinces you to purchase the translated works after free trial is best-in-class translation service that pays for itself.

First 500 words free for every developer
We want to make it easier for every developer to start seeing the differences a localized version can make. (only for the first 100 developers)

Invite friends and more bonuses
For every friend who joins and purchases any number of words, we’ll give you both 100 words of bonus length (up to a limit of 5000 words)!

Translators trained specially for mobile apps
We’re hardcore gamers, geeks, … we’re mobile app users. And we are native speakers.

Charge by per word, not by every 1000
We don’t charge by every 500 or 1000 words. We charge by per word. Because we know most mobile apps are small.

No minimum fee. No monthly fee.
There are no minimum fees or monthly fees. You only pay us the words we’ve translated for you.

You can read more details here: AppLoca | 30-day free trial localization services for iOS/Android apps.. If you’re interested, you can sign up and get the free trial here:Get your app localized to Chinese, Korean, Japanese for free.

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