Posting Salary is Table Stakes

Today Marco Arment wrote about how frustrating it can be when employers don’t post salaries.

If you see a job listing that doesn’t specify a salary range, assume it’s so low that they’re embarrassed to include it, they don’t respect you enough to tell you, or their heads are so far up their asses that they think you should just be dying to work there at any salary, none of which bode well for employment there.

I had assumed this phenomena was localized to Winnipeg, with our terrible developer job market. It’s reassuring to read him venting about this.


RetroPosts is in the plugin directory!

My new plugin RetroPosts made it into the WordPress plugin directory last night! Check it out.


TIL About Robotic Dump Trucks

Who knew, semi-autonomous 500 ton mining trucks have been operating in an Australian iron mine for 5 years.

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Facebook Security Force

A neat little tidbit about Facebook security in this post from The Verge. Good Guy Facebook proactively scans lists of hijacked account and warns users if they appear on one of these lists.

Facebook cross references credential dumps with its entire database of user credentials, then alerts any users that match to change their passwords. By signing up for Facebook, you’ve inadvertently entered yourself into its witness protection program, of sorts. During events like the Gawker credentials leak or Playstation Network security breach last year, Facebook alerted users if their passwords were on the loose.

via The Verge