Windows 8 Review

Last week Microsoft Canada invited me to a hands-on demo with Windows 8 and their Surface RT tablet. The demo consisted of a hotel room, 3 Microsoft PR People – the business guy, the soccer mom and the xbox guy – and all the Windows hardware they could “fit in one suitcase” (they mentioned that… Continue reading Windows 8 Review

3 Myths About Mac OS X [Updated!]

Years of switch ads and John Hodgman awesomeness have finally gotten to me. I bought a 15″ MacBook Pro. I’m living the iLife. It’s my first real Apple experience since the Apple IIe, overall I’m pretty impressed, though I have this sinking feeling that I’m not using OS X to it’s fullest potential. That said,… Continue reading 3 Myths About Mac OS X [Updated!]

I thought I would force myself to use a photoshop alternative this week, I’ve tried The GIMP and GIMPShop in the past, and found them to both be impossible to use. I decided to give a try, and I’ve really been digging it. I don’t do a lot of hardcore design work and… Continue reading

IM, OS and Pirates, Oh My

Google Talk If you haven’t already heard Google released Google Talk Beta on Wednesday, Google’s answer to AIM and MSN. As a nerd I feel it’s somehow my duty to talk about google even though I’m sure this has already been “blogged” about 10,000 times since Wednesday. Wired has already written a review. My two… Continue reading IM, OS and Pirates, Oh My