Lunch-hour Link Log

Recipe: Broccoli Curry Udon – Hungry? Microsoft Surface 2.0 CES Demo – Coming to an RBC near you soon. Angry Birds “board” game – I don’t get all the Angry Birds hype and this is just weird. Facebook Blocker – Hate Facebook? Block it, everywhere!

5 Reasons Tim Hortons Sucks

For those of you unaware, Tim Hortons is an international1 coffee & donut shop co-founded by Tim Horton, a Canadian Hockey player (who died when he lost control of his 1974 Pantera at 100mph, while under the influence of alcohol and pain killers). By feeding off it’s inherently Canadian origins, combined with massive expansion, clever… Continue reading 5 Reasons Tim Hortons Sucks

Google Is Fast!

This photo I posted on flickr was in Google’s index an hour after I uploaded it. Currently the 7th result for Ontario Milk in a Bag.

Genius Popcorn Hack

The obviousness of this “food hack” is what makes it so genius. To de-kernelize microwave popcorn: 1) make a small hole in the bag; 2) shake over top of a garbage can. Thanks Lifehacker.

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