Canadian Tech News, August 25th

This week – in my ongoing attempt to keep myself up to date on Canadian tech news – I came across two great sources: – they claim to be a “hyper local technology blog.” I don’t really know what that means, but they certainly have a great deal of Canadian Content. @CDNTechNews on Twitter… Continue reading Canadian Tech News, August 25th

RBC Muffin Man Ad

This ad is seriously more complex than some full length movies I’ve seen. It’s totally amazing. More info about the ad Production Company’s Site

WhyFireFoxIsBlocked is wrong! Adblock Plus is 100% Detectable! does not know what they’re talking about. Ad Block Plus is 100% lame and 100% detectable. The following code detects ad block plus: index.html: <script language=”javascript”> var disabled = false; </script> <script src=”something.js?thisistotrickyou=… dat/njf/41/”></script> <script language=”javascript”> if(!disabled){ // DO SOMETHING HERE, like a redirect alert(“You Are Using Ad Block Plus or some other blocking… Continue reading WhyFireFoxIsBlocked is wrong! Adblock Plus is 100% Detectable!

Google + Double Click = Kittens?

Google announce their acquisition of doubleclick over 3 months ago. I having been wondering how long it would take for Google to actually start doing something with it. This morning I logged in to my DFP (that’s “DART For Publishers”, or “DoubleClick Advertising, Reporting and Targetting For Publishers” – what a wonky acronym) account to… Continue reading Google + Double Click = Kittens?