Peach Came From a Can

Social app Peach hit the interwebs over the weekend, harder than a late 1990s grunge-esque anthem skipping on a discman playing through a cassette tape adapter. You could write off peach as another social networking app for tech groupies. But you’d be missing a very unique feature. Chatbots. (Sorta. They’re almost more like command-line keywords.)… Continue reading Peach Came From a Can

astsu: why Mr Robot is the most tech-savvy show ever

I finally watched the pilot episode of Mr Robot and I was totally blown away by the way the handle the hacking aspects of the show. If you haven’t seen the show, the main character is a professional security engineer by day and a “cyber vigilante” at night. It’s great! Every aspect of the way he goes… Continue reading astsu: why Mr Robot is the most tech-savvy show ever

Back in the RSSR

My reddit account just turned 8 this year, in that time the more I visited reddit, the less I checked RSS feeds. To the point where I completely stopped reading them after Google killed reader. Reddit was where I got all my news and that was fine. But over the years – I don’t know if… Continue reading Back in the RSSR

48 hours with Apple Music

I’ve been a subscriber to rdio for a couple of years, streaming music isn’t anything new to me. So I was very interested to check out Apple’s implementation. Here’s my take after using it for the last couple of days. The Good Playlists: The curated playlists are feature I didn’t expect to use much, but I’ve spent… Continue reading 48 hours with Apple Music

The eLitePhone 5S

I’ve come to the conclusion that the iPhone 5S is too fancy for me. With the gold-trimmed sapphire home button and the extremely high price tag – topping out at $1040* in Canada; it feels like a $1000 watch to me. I don’t just live a lifestyle (or have the taste for fancy things) that… Continue reading The eLitePhone 5S