Links for Today: Passwords

Today I am reviving an old blogging tradition of posting some interesting or useful links with little or no context. Today’s topic: Passwords.

4 fatal flaws in deterministic password managers
Sync-less password managers are trending again, Tony Arcieri breaks down some reasons why they suck.

NIST’s New Password Rules
For developers: I pull this article from the link above, there are a few counterintuitive suggestions in this doc.

TLDR – Just use 4 easy to remember words


TIL About Robotic Dump Trucks

Who knew, semi-autonomous 500 ton mining trucks have been operating in an Australian iron mine for 5 years.

Full story on Medium


Friday App Trio – Lunch Hour Link Log: #7

Here’s a trio of apps you  might like:

  1. Checkmark.
  2. Scratch.
  3. Sun.
I’m not even going to describe them. You’re too busy eating lunch to bother with my descriptions.

Soy Sauce, Aerial Photography & Propagandhi – Lunch-hour link log: #6

  1. New Propagandhi single!
  2. Winnipeg from the air. New aerial photography from the Winnipeg Free Press.
  3. Who made the soy sauce dispenser?

Lunch-hour link log: #5

Huh. I guess this series never took off. I could have sworn I posted more than 4 of these.

    1. Louis CK and Robert Smigel on Conan. In 1993, Louie still had hair.
    2. Skeuomorphic design gone bad?
    3. The 7 Most terrifying archaeological discoveries (at least according to Cracked).  On second thought, you may not want to read this while eating…