Where’s The Caffeine?

The most popular post on my blog to date is 5 Reasons Tim Hortons Sucks. In the post, I mentioned how terrible Tim Hortons coffee tastes. I failed to consider the actual caffeine levels of Tim Hortons.

I did some digging around and calculating, Tim Hortons coffee has an average of 0.36mg/ml of caffeine.

On the other hand, Starbucks drip coffee has approximately 0.70mg/ml, almost twice as much!

No wonder an “X-Large” cup of “Timmies” never keeps me awake.

Ps. I did not want to make this a Tim Hortons vs Starbucks issue, but McDonalds (Tim Hortons’ only real competition in Canada) does not post their caffeine content online. Home brewed coffee varies depending on your personal preference.


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User Feedback & Twitter

When we launched the new at the beginning of the month, I was quite surprised at the inital feedback I was seeing on twitter versus the email I was receiving from the contact form.  Twitter was generating 90-95% positive feedback, whereas emails were 100% negative! The few negative tweets were all fairly constructive and led to some good dialog. On the other hand, every single email was a variation of “new site sucks, change it back.”

I’m not entirely sure why the feedback was so contradictory, or what to make of it. I think it says something about twitter, I’m just not sure what that is.


“Ohmygosh…I lead an overview of some of my favorite windows 7 features! It was totally informal.”

Yesterday I watched a 10 minute video of an HD camera tethered to a weather balloon as it climbed to 100,000ft then plummeted back to Earth. The video was a lot of spinning and whooshing.

I got through all 10 minutes of that video. I could not even get through the first minute of this video without feeling nauseated.


Nerd Nostalgia: Computer Chronicles

imagesComputer Chronicles was very influential in my early development as a nerd.  I had almost entirely forgotten about the show until a recent series of posts on reddit. The show covered the rise of the personal computer revolution in typical PBS news magazine type format. According to Wikipedia, the series ran from 1981 – 2002. I would’ve watched it during the mid to late 90s. Back in those days before the internets, it was my only window into the tech world at large. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stewart Cheifet was the first person to introduce me to the “world wide web.”

Earlier this evening I watched a good hour and a half of older episodes from the late 80s, thanks to a blog that’s making an effort to categorize the episodes: I immediately dawned on me that Cranky Geeks with John C Dvorak is essentially a modern, low-brow version of Computer Chronicles. Dvorak even appears to have been a regular contributor to the show.
Here’s an episode from 1981 where he rips apart a brand new $6000 IBM PS2 Model 50, same ole Dvorak. [Video – Jump to about 11 minutes]

It’s really interesting to me how technology has come so far, but the topics shows like TWiT, BOL, et al discuss and get excited about aren’t really that different. There’s still a lot of talk upgrade cycles, what the next OS has in store for different classes of users, vapourware, copy-protection, the latest hardware and why it probably isn’t as good as the marketing material wants you to think it is. It’s almost as if you could replace product names in those old episodes, leave everything else intact and come out with a current sounding episode.


Old Age

9:23:13 AM Ryan Neudorf: i feel old, my cousin-in-law mentioned “snow patrol” on her twitter and I immediatey thought “skiing in june?”
9:24:26 AMMichael: yikes.
9:24:58 AM Ryan Neudorf: then i goggled and my next reaction was “people like this crap?”
9:25:12 AM Ryan Neudorf: then i sat down in my rocking chair and whittled a whistle
9:25:13 AM Michael: you goggled! at your age?
9:25:26 AM Michael: there we go. take easy there old timer
9:25:36 AM Ryan Neudorf: i’m blogging this