Quit Facebook Day

Today is Quit Facebook Day. While I agree with the privacy concerns to some degree and it seems like Mark Zuckerberg might not be a trustworthy person; unfortunately, I don’t feel like there is a good alternative to Facebook, for that reason I think it would be difficult for me to live online without Facebook.

I wanted to deactivate my account for the day in solidarity. When I attempted to do so, I was presented with this error.

ZUCKED! Note that the error does not tell me which application I need to delete or re-assign, it could be multiple applications for all I know. After deleting the 1 offending application, I was still unable to deactivate the account. So much for that.

Quit Facebook Day Links:

Dear Facebook Quitters…

There’s been a lot talk in the mainstream press about growing dissatisfaction regarding Facebook’s complete disregard for privacy. Prominent nerds are quitting or threatening to quit Facebook. On today’s Buzz Out Loud they suggested that if Facebook doesn’t change their course soon, this is going to be worst than the Myspace exodus.

My only question is, where are you going to go? Friendster?

Self-Drive Cars [Near Future Prediction]

Listening to 16 episodes of the Four Cast Podcast has gotten me into a prediction mood. Here’s my first prediction:

With an increasing array of dashboard distractions at driver’s disposal, there will be a statistically small but noticeable increase traffic accidents and fatalities in urban centers.
Exhibit A) Studies are starting to emerge showing that anti-cellphone-talking laws have no impact on crash data.
Exhibit B) Just last month nation media made a big deal about 14 pedestrian deaths in Toronto, in the span of a few weeks.

Whether this is a statistically relevant number, I predict that the media will continue covering this sort of thing. Traffic safety will become a major issue. People may even begin to recognize that it has become difficult to drive will so many distractions, but by-and-large people will see this distractions as a necessary evil.

This will set the stage for the self-drive car. Based on the media’s (car-company backed) influence, the general public will see the self-drive car as the cure for the growing pandemic of traffic carnage – among other things. Depending on how bad it gets, manufacturers may even be granted some leeway to tweak the self-drive software, people might say things like “it’s not the drivers fault granny got hit, he had a blue screen of death.”

Where’s The Caffeine?

The most popular post on my blog to date is 5 Reasons Tim Hortons Sucks. In the post, I mentioned how terrible Tim Hortons coffee tastes. I failed to consider the actual caffeine levels of Tim Hortons.

I did some digging around and calculating, Tim Hortons coffee has an average of 0.36mg/ml of caffeine.

On the other hand, Starbucks drip coffee has approximately 0.70mg/ml, almost twice as much!

No wonder an “X-Large” cup of “Timmies” never keeps me awake.

Ps. I did not want to make this a Tim Hortons vs Starbucks issue, but McDonalds (Tim Hortons’ only real competition in Canada) does not post their caffeine content online. Home brewed coffee varies depending on your personal preference.


User Feedback & Twitter

When we launched the new HipHopDX.com at the beginning of the month, I was quite surprised at the inital feedback I was seeing on twitter versus the email I was receiving from the contact form.  Twitter was generating 90-95% positive feedback, whereas emails were 100% negative! The few negative tweets were all fairly constructive and led to some good dialog. On the other hand, every single email was a variation of “new site sucks, change it back.”

I’m not entirely sure why the feedback was so contradictory, or what to make of it. I think it says something about twitter, I’m just not sure what that is.