TIL Netflix Packets Never Leave Town!

I got a message from my ISP’s (Shaw) Bandwidth Team today. I wasn’t able to return the call, but I suspect they were calling to scold me about my bandwidth usage. Some History Bandwidth cap policies were a knee jerk reaction from ISPs ill-prepared for the era file-sharing on Napster and later voracious bittorrent usage. An era when … Continued

Ev Williams and the future of online publishing

Great piece on Ev Williams and the open web. Yet his run near the top has been remarkably consistent. While other CEOs in his early-web cohort have left the industry, or have become writers or consultants, Williams has stuck around, leading companies. His startups have nearly all specialized in the same abstract medium: text boxes. … Continued

The Story of Alkaline Trio’s Goddamnit

Chicago’s Alkaline Trio is one of the most influential bands from the turn of the century “emo” era. I came across the Original Sin documentary from 2008, about their first full-length release Goddamnit. It’s a great watch! Check it out. Part 1 Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm1LhObR3F4 Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzjLoPEeMyU Part 4 Is missing 🙁

Freelancing: Paying for Dental Care in Canada

I have once again found myself in a situation without medical insurance coverage. Fortunately for Canadians really only means that I am without dental1 coverage. For whatever reason, our utopian government funded health system does not cover dentistry. So I once again started the futile process of searching for decent dental insurance plans and have once … Continued

Are Humans Bad Drivers?

Whenever self-driving are discussed, almost everyone — the media, tech podcasts, twitter, your uncle — universally asserts that “humans are bad drivers,” usually adding something to the affect of “we need machines to save us from ourselves.” As a contrarian through and through, foregone conclusions like that immediately trigger my gag reflex. I don’t think … Continued