Moderate success

Why aren’t there any blog posts about people who run a moderately successful side business? They’re never mega-successful, just pad bank accounts, help pay off debts, save for the future, take their families on vacations, whatever? It seems a lot more attainable than the seemingly random stories of “The man who built a $1 billion … Continued

On internet success

What is it about the nature of The Internet that makes internet success seem so attainable? Is it the open/egalitarian nature of the internet? Literally anyone can start an open source project, youtube channel, blog, store, whatever. Is it the fact that, as developers, we know the inner workings of the tech behind the latest … Continued

All your emo are belong to Russia

Remember Livejournal? All your angst posts about poignant Vagrant Records band lyrics? Selfies (before we called them that) of your pixie cut? Or crucial fades? Stupid surveys…  It’s safe to say that it played a major role in my social life as young adult years and I have most fond memories of that place. I’d … Continued

Links for Today: Blunderyears

I thought about calling this one “nostalgia” but these links are just too embarrassing. 29 Raw Images Of The 1990s Rave Scene At Its Zenith Despite sometimes occasionally listening to a happy hardcore mixtape, I had almost entirely forgotten about the existence of “kandi kids.” r/blunderyears Redditors, posting embarrassing photos from their childhood. Chip & … Continued

Links for Today: Passwords

Today I am reviving an old blogging tradition of posting some interesting or useful links with little or no context. Today’s topic: Passwords. 4 fatal flaws in deterministic password managers Sync-less password managers are trending again, Tony Arcieri breaks down some reasons why they suck. NIST’s New Password Rules For developers: I pull this article … Continued