Canadian Tech News

Canadian Tech News, September 9th

A bit of a slow news week this week. I blame Labour Day.

Vidéotron’s cellular network goes live today
Quebec internet and cable TV provider launched it’s wireless offering today. This is the second new celluar network (after Wind) to spawn from the wireless spectrum auction a couple years ago. The service claims to cover 90% of the province. Assuming you don’t want to use your phone out of province, their voice packages are not bad and data starts at $5/mo for 50MB.

Gap launches Canadian web store
In a classic example of a US giant completely missing out on the Canadian market, it only took the Gap 10 years to launch a dot-ca store. So go nuts Canadians, buy some jeans like it’s 1999.

RCMP attempting to kill Craigslist erotic services
Craigslist censoring it’s adult section has been all over the US-centric tech news this week. Hearing these stories I just kind of assumed that Craigslist was censoring the section across the site. But apparently no one except the RCMP bothered to take a look at Craigslist’s non-US domains. If you take a look at, you’ll find the erotic section alive and well.