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Biggest Geek Ever?

You know you’re a major geek when you start examining the entrances of your appartment for security holes. A little while back my buddy Jon and I decided to make a trek to the building #7 in search of a pop machine. The building is connected to my building via a whinding underground hallway and the temperature outside was easiliy -25C, cold enough to make going outside uncomfortable. To make a long story short, the other building appears to a) lack a decent entry system or b) have sophisticated entry security, as there did not appear to be a locked door between the elevator and the entry pedestal. I immediately thought “wow! what a major security flaw.” I should investigate further.

In site news.
Sometimes I amaze myself, early today was one of those times. I whipped up some awesome rss code. This code allows me to enable an rss feed for any section with the click of a button. After familarizing myself with the rss 2.0 specifications it took me an hour or so to write the code. I am teh awesome. You should be seeing an rss icon in your status bar if you use firefox. If someone with a paid livejournal account would like to add my rss feed for syndication that would be just peachy.
I also preformed a “dirty” database rebuild. I updated a few columns in a few database tables to better co-operate with my new code. I did not feel it was worth documenting the changes in an updatable manner – sorry Gen, i lost your comment 🙁
You’ll also notice a couple of new sections. More content is on it’s way.

I’m not really sure of exactly what that content will be. I think I’ll probably talk about my finds and tell you to digg my submissions in true Kevin Rose fashion. Or something. I’ll see how this evolves.

My good friend Mr dot net is presently attempting to attain a press pass to The Junos for our “indie reporter” video experiment. Once that gets underway it will lend itself to much site content I’m sure. This leads me to ask, what would you do with a press pass to the junos?