Grant Forzley (Artistic Impressions Photography), Winnipeg Photographer

Grant Forzley (of Artistic Impressions Photography) sold me a broken vintage camera, ruining my Christmas present for my wife and is refusing to allow me to return it for a refund.

When I picked up the camera from Grant Forzley on November 25th at his studio we had a great conversation! He walked me through all of the accessories and showed my how to use it. I mentioned that the camera was not for me (I am not a photographer), that it was a Christmas present for my wife. I mentioned that is my wife is a super Polaroid nerd who has been looking for a Polaroid SX-70 for a long time and had sent me his Facebook Marketplaces listing earlier that month. Grant and I discussed something about emulsion or some sort of nerdy things you could do with the film used by this very specific Polaroid model.

In other words, it should have been clear to him that the camera was being sold to a novice and I would not know about all the details and things to look at in evaluating the camera. In fact, I thought that’s why he was taking so much time with the demo.

He mentioned that he was going through a divorce, that his ex-wife had bought it with the intention of doing some of the nerdy things my wife was planning on doing but they never go around to using it. I felt like we were on the same wavelength and took the low use as an indication that the camera internals would still be in great condition on account of not being used since they acquired it.

In other words, I thought I was getting a well kept camera from someone going through a difficult divorce who just wanted to get rid of his ex-wife’s things.

This is a screenshot of the original listing.

The original Facebook Marketplaces listing

Note that the condition is listed as “Used – Good,” there is no indication that it is “untested” or that it is being sold “as-is.” Moreover, Facebook Marketplaces defines the “used – good” condition as “Minor signs of wear. Item is operational and works as intended.”

My wife tried the camera on Thursday after she finally had a chance to pick up some film. It became immediately apparent that the camera was broken in several different ways.

I sent Grant an message via Facebook on Friday, informing him that the camera I bought for my wife was not in working condition, that I was expecting a camera in working condition based on the Marketplace listing and that I would like a partial refund (since the accessories are functioning) or I would be willing to return the camera for a full refund.

The first thing Grant said was that the camera was “final sale.” Like my dude, that’s not how that works (you have to say it’s a final sale before you sell it, typically in the post). He also said that when he mentioned it had never been used, he was implying that the camera was in non functioning condition. I sent him a reply similar to the contents of this blog post on Sunday, he seems to have ghosted me.

To be clear, I am not accusing Grant Forzley of knowingly selling me a broken camera. He may well have been unaware of the condition himself.

Nor am I denying that a non-functioning Polaroid SX-70 (Land Camera Model 2) has some value to someone. A Polaroid fanatic may be willing to buy one just to put on their shelf or to repair as a project. But not my wife.

I am accusing Grant of being unreasonable when it comes to taking the camera back for a refund. He sold me something I was not interested in and I would like to give him the opportunity to resell it to someone else who is interested in a camera that needs some TLC.


I ♥ Instagram

Instagram is the latest little app to gain popularity with iPhone-nerds everywhere. The app takes all the good parts of online photo sharing and condenses them into a really slick package. They’ve included a good selection of dorky filters that will make almost any subject a lot more interesting than it actually is. Combine this with a really easy to use UI for liking/commenting you end up witha  really great experience. I feel like this is what the Flickr app should have been.

Speaking of Flickr, Instagram doesn’t hoard all your pictures like some apps might. It’s able to simultaneously cross-post to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr and Foursquare. The last two surprising, I haven’t come across an app that posts to those services before.

It’s great, but I can’t quite put my finger on what specifically excites me about this app so much. I guess it’s just made taking iPhone photos fun again.

In any case, it’s free and I think you should check it out.