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A few days ago I started a bit of a curfuffle about LeoLaporte on, see: Call For Help Tracker.. GreatTorrents… As you can see if you read the thread, I said that I thought L LaP was “the biggest puppet ever,” based on his performance on Call For Help Canada. If you haven’t had the chance to watch the show, don’t waste the time and bandwidth. The show is generally an hour of Mr TheDoor (apparently) having a hard time answering caller’s extremely banal questions and more or less being a knob – with even more unintelligent cohosts. I don’t have a problem with the show per se, it fills a niche and probably teaches a lot things the did not know. I do have a problem with are the people who revere Leo. I really don’t understand it why these extremely tech savvy individual see him as some sort of tech god. gah…it’s too unbelievable for words. After watching CFH(ca) for a few weeks, I began to notice Leo clearly listening to an earpiece on some of the more “difficult” questions. It strikes me as extremely odd for a supposed computer genius to need any additional help for the types of questions he’s asked on this show. Leo’s resume is impressive, he really should know things, but on CFH he really does not appear to know much of anything.And why is his website so bad?!

Speaking of websites, fixed a couple of things around here: finally worked out the bugs in the email post code, added a much needed background image and fixed the links in the rss feed.

Thanks all for now folks.peace out.